Here’s a selection of adverts from decades ago – have a chuckle on us

A finger of Fudge


This site is great. They have everything to take you right back to your childhood!

Child of the 1980’s
Everything you remember about growing up in the 1980’s. Toys – Films – TV – Music – Sweets – Memories.

Slush Puppie


Opal Mints were plain white coloured chewy spearmint flavoured sweets, launched as a sister product to Opal Fruits (now known as Starburst). The product was then relaunched as Pacers. Later, three diagonal green stripes were added to the sweet. The brand was discontinued in the 1980s.

TOFFO Opal Fruits
Marathon TEXAN
Pink Panther CANDY Spangles

Remember Garbage Pail Kids Stickers? They came with a strip of hard chewing gum but most importantly, the stickers were gross and totally un-PC in todays world– but we loved them!